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Currently only one dataset is available:


# Copyright (C) 2017  Todd Pataky
# version: 0.1 (2017/04/01)

import os
import numpy as np

[docs]def weather(): ''' | This dataset was made available by Prof. James O. Ramsay of McGill University. The dataset was download from: | | on 28 March 2017 (see the ./examples/weather directory). The data have been converted from the original form in the "daily.mat" file to NumPy format and saved in ./power1d/data/weather/daily.npz This is a convenience function for loading those data. Arguments: (None) Outputs: A dictionary containing the following keys: - "Atlantic" - "Pacific" - "Continental" - "Arctic" Each item is a (J x 365) array where J is the number of stations per region. Example: .. plot:: :include-source: from matplotlib import pyplot import power1d data = #load data dictionary y = data['Continental'] #extract one region pyplot.plot(y.T, color="k") ''' dir0 = os.path.dirname(__file__) fname = os.path.join(dir0, 'data', 'weather', 'daily.npz') with np.load(fname) as D: z = dict( **D ) return z